FaceTite and AccuTite are new non-surgical treatments aimed at producing similar results to a surgical facelift. The device uses a sophisticated dual-probe system to improve the face and neck’s skin laxity, issues that otherwise can only be served with a surgical facelift. This facial treatment is offered at Dr. Helen Allison’s cosmetic facility, where he performs some of the best results in a non-surgical facelift our city has to offer its cosmetic patients.

This means that it can address sagging skin in the areas of the:

The device works by radiofrequency energy delivered to the face and neck to melt fat and tighten skin. Dr. Helen Allison believes our FaceTite and Accutite treatments offer truly remarkable results; the only non-surgical results have been found to tighten skin significantly. 


FaceTite is a non-surgical device that operates the same as its counterpart for the rest of the body, BodyTite. Both procedures aim to help those patients who may need to transition from non-surgical treatments to surgery but would rather avoid the latter.

What is the preparation for the FaceTite procedure, and will an anesthetic be administered?

Our non-surgical facelift does not require general anesthesia nor an operating room. A special cream that numbs the treatment area will be applied, and Dr. Helen Allison will utilize a local anesthetic in the office to perform the procedure. 

How is the FaceTite procedure performed?

The procedure itself consists of creating a very tiny incision near the treatment area so that a probe can be inserted. This incision is so small that no sutures are required after treatment, and there will be no visible scars. The probe heats the deeper layer of tissue, causing it to tighten and contract.

How does FaceTite compare with other non-surgical facelifts?

While Ultherapy and Thermage are two of the more popular non-invasive procedures, FaceTite is reported to be less painful and produce more dramatic results than either of them.

Is there any downtime with FaceTite and what is its recovery time?

Once the procedure is complete, patients can go home right after the procedure but arrange to have someone drive them home. There is little to no downtime with our FaceTite, and normal activities can be resumed relatively quickly.